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Windows Azure Trust Center

Windows Azure Trust Center was released to the public and it contains valuable information about security and privacy on the platform. You can find details about what kind of certificates the platform holds and generally why and how the platform is secure, handles data and respects privacy. All that information applies to Windows Azure core services … Continue reading

Failed to attach debugger on Windows Azure Web apps troubleshoot

There is a common error sometimes when you try to start and debug a web site/web app on the Windows Azure Emulator that it’s caused for a couple of reasons that I will explain below. The error message is “There was an error attaching the debuger to the IIS worker process for URL <THE_URL> …”. Reason … Continue reading

Running JBoss 7 on Windows Azure — Part II

Continuing on where I left it on my previous post, I’m going to explain how the Announcement service works and why we choose that approach. The way JBoss and mod_proxy work now is that every time something changes in the topology, either a new proxy is added or removed or a JBoss node, then the proxy … Continue reading

Running JBoss 7 on Windows Azure

I’m going to start a series of posts to explain how we made JBoss run on Windows Azure, not just on standalone mode but with full cluster support. Let me start with one simple definition, I’m NOT a Java guy, but I work with some very talented people under the same roof and under the … Continue reading

Windows Azure SDK 1.5 and Windows Azure AppFabric SDK 1.5 released

Today Windows Azure SDK 1.5 and Windows Azure AppFabric SDK 1.5 were released, fixing issues and bugs detected during the beta. There are also some new enhancements to it: Re-architected emulator, which enables higher fidelity between local and cloud developments. Support for uploading service certificates in csupload.exe. A new csencrypt.exe tool to manage remote desktop … Continue reading

New Windows Azure CDN features and SDK 1.4

Windows Azure SDK 1.4 was released yesterday with no breaking changes and a lot of stability fixes. You can get the bits from here. Among an important fix, specially if you use a source control system, where the web.config was being locked but Windows Azure Tools still needed write access to update the machine key, … Continue reading

Using Windows Azure AppFabric Cache (CTP) on CodeProject

I posted an article at CodeProject explaining how you can use Windows Azure AppFabric Cache (CTP) in your applications. You can find the article here -> http://www.codeproject.com/KB/azure/WA-AppFabric-cache.aspx Please let me know if you liked or not and of course any comments are more than welcome! Thank you, PK.

CDN — Do you get corrupt data while an update on the content is happening?

A lot of interesting things have been going on lately on the Windows Azure MVP list and I’ll be try to pick the best and the ones I can share and make some posts. During an Azure bootcamp another fellow Windows Azure MVP, had a very interesting question “What happens if someone is updating the … Continue reading

Amazon Web Services free tier analysis

Amazon announced the AWS Free Usage Tier (http://aws.amazon.com/free/) last week, which will start from November the 1st. I know some people are excited about this announcement and so am I because I believe that competition between cloud providers always brings better service for the customer, but in Amazon’s case, it’s more like a marketing trick … Continue reading

Patterns: Windows Azure – Upgrading your table storage schema without disrupting your service

In general, there are two kind of updates you’ll mainly perform on Windows Azure. One of them is changing your application’s logic (or so called business logic) e.g. the way you handle/read queues, or how you process data or even protocol updates etc and the other is schema updates/changes. I’m not referring to SQL Azure … Continue reading

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