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Windows Azure – Is Thread spawning from Worker Roles the paspartu?

Paspartu is French for “one size fits all”. Recently I’ve been coming across posts explaining and “promoting” the idea of spawning threads inside a worker role each one of them with a unique work to be done. All are sharing the same idea and all of them are describing the same thing. The idea You … Continue reading

Cloud computing – Most common concerns and my thoughts

Every single time something new emerges in the IT market, there are three distinct categories of people: Early adopters, Late majority, Skeptics. Each one of them has its own reasons and its own concerns about when, why and if they are going to adapt to this new technology, either completely or in a hybrid mode. … Continue reading

Windows Azure Table Storage – Is backup necessary?

Yes, it is. Table storage has multiple replicas and guarantees uptime and availability, but for business continuity reasons you have to be protected from possible failures on your application. Business logic errors can harm the integrity of your data and all Windows Azure Storage replicas will be harmed too. You have to be protected from … Continue reading

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