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Windows Azure – Did you know.. that you can set your OS Version?

Windows Azure configuration files support an osVersion attribute where you can set which version of the Windows Azure OS should run your service. This feature doesn’t make much sense at the moment as there is only one version WA-GUEST-OS-1.0_200912-01 but in the future it’s going to be very handy. You can learn more about it … Continue reading

Windows Azure Queues – Getting 400 Bad Request when creating a queue

You’re trying to create a queue on Windows Azure and you’re getting a “400 Bad Request” as an inner exception. Well, there are two possible scenarios: 1) The name of the queue is not valid. It has to be a valid DNS Name to be accepted by the service. 2) The service is down or … Continue reading

Windows Azure Training Kit – December update is out

Windows Azure training kit it the best starting point if you want to get involved in Azure development. It helps you understand the basics of Windows Azure, its components and the whereabouts of the service. December’s release includes some updates and samples from PDC 09 so don’t miss it. You can download the kit from … Continue reading

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