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Patterns: Windows Azure – In-Place upgrades

In a previous post I’ve described what a VIP Swap is and how you can use it as an updating method to avoid service disruption. This particular method doesn’t apply to all possible scenarios and if not always, most of the times, during protocol updates or schema changes you’ll need to upgrade your service when … Continue reading

Windows Azure – What is an upgrade domain?

Windows Azure automatically divides your role instances into some “logical” domains called upgrade domains. During upgrade, Azure is updating these domains one by one. This is a by design behavior to avoid nasty situations. Some of the last feature additions and enhancements on the platform was the ability to notify your role instances in case … Continue reading

Windows Azure Table Storage and concurrency

Today, during my presentation at Microsoft DevDays “Make Web not War” I had a pretty nice question about concurrency and I left the question somehow blurry and without a straight answer. Sorry, but we were changing subjects so fast that I missed it and I only realized it on my way back. The answer is … Continue reading

Windows Azure – From an architect and cost (?) perspective

Its been a while since Windows Azure caught the attention of a broader audience rising all kinds of questions from the most simple “How do I access my table storage” to the most complex and generic “How do I optimize my code to pay less”. Although there is a straight answer on the first one, … Continue reading

Windows Azure – Some more name changes and new stuff

It’s been a interesting week for Windows Azure. Since last Friday (13th of November) the latest Windows Azure Tools was released and strangely the installer was marked to be a 1.0 release although I’m not sure it really is one. Project Dallas has been announced which is a MarketPlace for Vendors to publish their Azure … Continue reading

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